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Mean Arena's Amiga
A classic game that was set in a bleak future (2093 to be exact) where TV is the prime form of entertainment to the masses.

In this classic title for the Commodore Amiga you had to take part in a game show where your life, as well as pots of cash and big prizes, was on the line.

No, it's not Smash TV and you are not called Ben Richards either - it is the legendary funny game, Mean Arena's.

Mean Arena's - Amiga

This title was a funny game due to it's cheesy hosts 'Buzz' and 'Bob' who welcomed the player to the game (show). They hit the nail firmly on the head with the presenters and backdrop - right down to the wonky Channel 27 sign.

Throughout the game there were sampled sounds of a baying crowd and the Buzz and Bob would weigh in with little snippets of commentary which really added to the atmosphere.

Enter those mean arena's...

The game was actually a nice mix of puzzle and arcade action, which borrowed heavily from the likes of Pacman and Gauntlet.

It looks a little like Pacman eh?

All in all the Amiga was blessed with some good 'gameshow' type titles, such as this one, the great conversion of Smash TV and also Fiendish Freddy's Big Top 'O Fun.

If you like classic games such as Gauntlet and Pacman then give Mean Arena's a go - it'll make you laugh at the same time.

The intro set the scene for this funny game:

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