Funny Games - Alcatraz Harry - Classic ZX Spectrum Game

Alcatrazz Harry ZX Spectrum
Ahh now a real cult classic game from the obscure annals of ZX Spectrum gaming.

Written in BASIC and looking like an early 1982 game, this title from Mastertronic was one of those 'so bad it's good' kind of efforts. Well almost.

Flickery characters, UDG's, spot effects that were laughable and spartan backgrounds made up this prison break style computer game.

In fact, the game so limited playing it was a prison sentence in itself.

The Loading Screen Set Your Expectation Level

The aim of the game was to escape from a prison that looks nothing like Alcatraz by collecting a bunch of tools and equipment dotted around the locations (there were a lot of very 'samey' looking screens).

It was possible to take short-cuts though by using some already constructed tunnels ('Harry'?) to make your progress less arduous.

Avoid those guards at all costs otherwise our poor hero would end up getting his head shot off in a humorous game over sequence.

Those are the real graphics. Honest!

Look, the game was duller than an interview with Richard Madely. Your character looks like he has hooves for hands and walks like he's crapped his pants more than once. The loading screen looks like a rejected entry for Tony Hart's gallery. 

But all of this comes together to make you smile. Maybe not for long, but load it up and you will laugh and wonder how games like this were still being released in 1984.

Still, it's not as bad as Flight Path 737!

Check out the hilarious game over sequence!

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