Funny Games - Worms: Directors Cut - Classic Commodore Amiga 1200 Game

Worms: Directors Cut Amiga 1200
For me this is the DEFINITIVE version of the classic two player game Worms and Team 17 software peaked the Worms franchise with this one.

All of these games have been extremely funny with the right blend of cartoony backgrounds, game characters that you actually feel for, brilliant character voices and a superb range of weapons to choose from.

The mid to late 1990's versions of the Worms games were for me, the best (with the DOS versions being great fun too) but this version for the good old Amiga 1200 is for me, the best.

This classic game was not only fun for two (or more) players, but it also made you laugh too.

With it's vicious weapons, simpering deaths and cute little voices it had it all - you couldn't help but laugh as 'Oh Dear' echoed from your speakers as another little blighter bit the dust.

With back chatter from the in-game characters such as 'You'll regret that','Watch this','Revenge','Perfect', 'Bye Bye' and 'Perfect' it made for an all round superb gaming experience.

The inclusion of a level designer kept the humour and gameplay fresh, and the varying weapons and voices wrapped the whole package nicely.

If you like two player games and a laugh please give this one a go.

Not only is it a truly funny game it is also one of the last ever titles released for the Commodore Amiga and made use of the cleaner looking AGA chipset. The backgrounds were very nicely drawn and designed and fitted the games humorous atmosphere perfectly.

Worms: Directors Cut will still make you laugh after all these years. Perfect!

The Amiga 1200 version of this classic funny game:

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  1. Worms is one of my favourite games ever! I spent so much time with Worms Reloaded. I think that was the one before this one. Endlessly enjoyable :)

  2. Yep King Simon - Worms was (and still is) a great game

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