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Smash TV Arcade Game
The classic arcade game from Williams was released back in 1990.

This game combined fast paced arcade gaming, humorous voice overs and over the top violence to create a gaming experience that was addictive, great to play and also made you laugh.

The game was also converted to a host of home computers such as the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC 464, Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. These home conversions were published by Ocean Software.

Smash TV

The arcade game 'plot line' borrowed heavily from the movie 'The Running Man'; in this game you took part in a futuristic game show based on ultra violence, mass weapons, destruction, big prizes, lots of cash and 'total carnage'.
(We LOVE it!)

This game was a total laugh (in a slightly sick way) from beginning to end. With it's cheesy game-show host, voice over samples shouting 'Total carnage... I love it!', over the top violence and crazy body count that John Woo would be proud of, it was graphical humorous eyeball popping deaths whilst you won yourself a new toaster.

For one or two players (best fun with two players) you took part in this futuristic game show laying waste to hordes of 'bad guys' collecting money and prizes from the game arena.

Armed with powerful weapons such as grenade launchers, spinning discs of death and three way firing handguns you could mow down the masses relentlessley.

Each end of level boss was funny (check out Mutoid Man at the end of level one) and took a fair amount of killing.

Greg Wallace Gets Caked To Death?

Gruesome deaths saw footwear and eyeballs flying through the air, and the fact that you earned tons of cash and a countless amount of white-goods for basically murdering people was always worth a laugh.

This is one of my favourite arcade games of all time (and I also loved Amiga Smash TV) - to sum up; 'I'd buy that for a dollar!'

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