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Cannon Fodder Game
Ahh, war never been so much fun eh?

Sensible Software's 1993 action game for the Commodore Amiga garnered a lot of controversy due it being seen as slightly tasteless.

This game turned out to be a cracker which had everything; arcade action, superb gameplay, character in spades and a huge dollop of humour.

As soon as the game started up you just knew you were in for a real treat...

Cannon Fodder On The Amiga - Gameplay and Humour

The intro tune to this game has gone down in the annals of gaming legends - it really was that good and younger gamers may not realise just how amazing it was to have an entire song playing from a game installed on a floppy disk - on a machine with 1MB of RAM.

Funny and brilliantly done - I'll let the tune speak for itself:

Enjoyable if you have a slightly sick sense of humour perhaps? (Like me)

Anyway - the funnies didn't stop there. The game generated a cartoony type atmosphere and mixed it in with arcade action, violence and plenty of blood n guts.

Nicely Drawn Intro Screens In Cannon Fodder

This game was the perfect mix of arcade gaming, strategy and level design.

With different weapons to collect, buildings to destroy and slow agonising deaths the game could become really intense. The tension was broken by the jolly end of level ditty though, and watching the new recruits come through the gates was great fun.

The Sensible Crew Dressed In Cannon Fodder Gear For The Amiga

The sensible team even when the whole hog and dressed up in military gear for the game - another move that was seen as a little bit 'bad taste'. It never bothered me anyway.

Cannon Fodder - a classic game that could also make you laugh.

The melancholy recruitment music:

Classic Gameplay:


  1. this game is a true classic ;) Truly an enjoyable experience, good review!

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