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Brutal Sports Football Amiga
This classic game was a hybrid of sports sim / beat em up game for the Commodore Amiga.

It was released back in 1993 by Millennium and was developed by Teque Software.

If you liked American Football and / or the Speedball games from the legendary Bitmap Brothers then this game would be one for you.

It managed to combine over the top violence with sporting action to create a game that was rewarding and fun to play. As far as Brutal Sports go, then this one was right up there with the best of em...

Let's get Brutal

The aim of the game was (as you may have guessed) to win the match by any means necessary.

Now in the Speedball series of games you could injure an opposition player to earn points for your team, here it was an actual necessity!

As far as classic arcade games go this one is not quite up there with the likes of Speedball II (not many games are), but as it stands it's a pretty good blast from start to finish.

Hack, Punch, Stomp...
Winning was achieved by scoring goals, but the most points (and fun) was to had by hacking, stomping, punching and kicking the opposition players. Classic arcade action all the way.

Gamers will no doubt remember decapitating an opposition team member then kicking the head for a field goal. Which was always worth a laugh.

In fact, the playing field would end up littered with corpses and body parts as the game went on, with huge holes left in the ground as the grass was churned up by the violence. Nice touch actually.

The game-play was a little limited but there were upgrades to collect such as fast feet, broadswords and bombs to keep things interesting.

All in all this was a decent effort at something a little different. Two player mode was always a hoot as you doled out a good kicking to your best mate.

All in all as far as funny games go, this is a decent effort from the halcyon days of the Amiga...

Brutal Sports Football - classic gaming
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