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Psycho Santa Amiga
As we approach the festive season it's time to take a look at a funny game that was created in the true spirit of Christmas.

Psycho Santa is a classic game that was put together by the excellent Bullfrog software and released as a magazine cover-disk. In the true spirit of giving the game was licensed as shareware.

The magazine was 'The One'. The year was 1993. The machine was the Commodore Amiga. The game itself was a real humorous treat to get you in the mood for Chrimbo...

A funny loading screen to set the Christmas scene...
I don't know how to describe this game. It's part horizontal scrolling shoot em up, part vertical bounce and collect.

What I can say is that there are plenty of laughs to be had. The graphics reek of shareware (as you would expect) and the sound effects follow suit.

But the sound effects consist of real low grade humour (which I like), and this is just the type of game to raise a few belly laughs.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that Billy Bob Thornton took inspiration from this game ;-)

Where's the rest of me reindeer?

Have a couple of mince pies, a few well deserved Christmas drinks and stick this on. Then only one question remains; will you fart more times than your Amiga?

Ho, Ho and indeed, HO!

Merry Christmas everyone.

That psycho takes to the skies... Classic Arcade Action:

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