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Star Paws
So what's this game all about then?

Well it was a pretty wacky arcade game from Software Projects and featured the ZX Spectrum programming talents of Peter Gough, S L Cork and Tim Follin.

Peter Gough was pretty well known for inserting a large slice of hunour into his computer games and this one was no exception.

But what was the aim of this classic game?

A classic funny game on the ZX Spectrum

In the farthest reaches of our Galaxy there lives a rare creature known as the Tasty Space Griffin. Long ago this creatue (a bird) was acclaimed as a galactic delicacy, and acquired such value that it came to be used as an extremely valuable unit of inter-galactic currency, traded on the stock markets of the universe.

You played the part of 'Captain Rover Pawstrong' who has been accidentaly sent on the mission instead of Neil Armstrong! Vastly inexperienced and totally unsuited for the task, your mission was to capture or destroy every one of these intergalactic poultry like delicacies.

Catch those space chickens boy!

So there you have it - an arcade game, set in space, where you have to capture what are essentially chickens! (or perhaps Road Runner's meep meep!?)

With it's cartoon style graphics, the dissolving (chicken) energy meter, varying levels and bonus 'eye view' blasting level this was an arcade game that would bring a smile to your face; and all for a meagre £2.99!

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