Funny Games - MDK - Classic PC Game

What did it stand for? Murder Death Kill? Mission Deliver Kindness?

Whatever it stood for it doesn't matter. This is one of the most innovative, playable, surreal and humorous PC games ever released.

Released in 1997 by Interplay and developed by the awesomely named Shiny Entertainment, this game was hotly anticipated prior to it's release.

It also made it's way onto Mac and Playstation - but for this article we will feature the PC version. Either way it was a great game on all formats that blended arcade action with strategy and a lot of laughs.

MDK is a bona fide classic game
The game told the story of Kurt Hectic (great name!) and his attempts to rescue Earth from an alien invasion of gigantic mining city-vehicles (called 'Minecrawlers'), that were not only removing all of earth's natural resources, but were also flattening any people and cities that stood in their way. Nasty!

The game combined the alien whupping arcade action with a huge dose of humour and also featured a 'sniper mode' that allowed the player to smoothly zoom in on enemy targets.

The humour in this game began the moment you first opened it; the instruction booklet was packed full of humour and was written in the form of a diary by an eccentric inventor called Dr. Fluke Hawkins.

It is Dr Hawkins that discovered the incoming invasion and who also invented the armour plated 'coil suit' and weapons that you (as Kurt) wear and use throughout the game.

This is a computer game that oozed class from begining to end with it's frantic arcade action, superb level layout, fantastic in-game music and off the wall humour.

If you have never played this game please give it a go - you will not be disappointed. In fact you will 'feel top'!

A classic funny game:

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for showing some love to MDK, it was such a good game. I bought it back in the day and can still remember being amazed at the soundtrack...and just how chaotic it got!!

    Good times.

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