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Battle Chess Commodore Amiga
Ahhh after a nice holiday what better game to get me back into the Funny Games mood than good old Battle Chess on the Commodore Amiga?

Electronic Arts gave us this classic game back in 1988 and it did help to bring the game of chess to those that probably would have never even considered it.

For those that enjoy a game of chess then this game had it all; great AI from the computer opponent, classic chess gameplay, a nicely implemented two player option and a bucket load of humour when your animated chess pieces destroyed an opponents piece.

Medieval battles had never been so much fun...

Battle Chess Loads Up...
All of the rules of chess were present in the game with varying levels of difficulty to choose from.

But - the real hook for this game was the animated chess characters (which were very nicely drawn) and the over the top mini battles that took place as one piece took another.

Sometimes it was worth sacrificing a piece just to see how it would be 'killed'!

Even if you wanted a more 'serious' game of chess then the character animations could be turned off, but for players like me the animations were a huge bonus. It was nice to have the option to disable the animations though if you fancied a fast paced game.

All in all this is a true classic game for the Commodore Amiga (and versions were also released for the CD32 and DOS) that plenty of gamers have fond memories of.

If you have never tried this game then please give it a go - you will enjoy the gameplay and the variety of 'deaths' will never fail to make you chuckle.

Mayhem will shortly ensue...
This game was a great showcase piece for the Amiga back in 1988 and really showed us that 8-bit power had truly arrived.

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