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Boston Bomb Club Commodore Amiga
Ahh now this is a lesser known gem of a game that is addictive, puzzling and above all, funny.

Let's take a look at a funny game for the Commodore Amiga that despite being well recieved, passed many people by back in the day.

Silmarils gave us this classic game back in the early 1990's and it was praised for it's wacky storyline, challenging puzzles and off the wall humour.

Set in the late 19th century, a mad scientist had created the 'Boston Bomb Club' to cater for the more senior gentleman who enjoyed a bit of bomb puzzling. Yep, it's definately something different from the get go.

The game was all about making a path for some famous cartoon style bombs (complete with fizzing fuses) to make it across a table (think of the classic game Pipeline).

What made this game funny was the random events that would happen whilst you were playing.

Jazz musicians would would pop up and obscure part of the playing area, babies (yep babies in a bomb club!) would crawl across the table and mess up your strategy and other patrons would lean across and alter your carefully laid plans.

Annoying? Sometimes yes!
Funny? Most of the time.

The whole setting of the game was dipped in humour, with the stereotyped gentlemen customers, to the busty maids announcing which level you were on and the cartoon styled graphics.

For fans of puzzle games it pretty much ticked all of the boxes and gave you a right old jolly laugh along the way.

Please give this game a try, it's well worth a play and you will no doubt chuckle a little.

It's a famous bar in Boston - I wonder if it was renamed to 'Cheers' in the 1980's? - Classic Gaming

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