Funny Games - Brian Bloodaxe - Classic ZX Spectrum Game

Brian Bloodaxe ZX Spectrum
Now this really was a funny game from The Edge back in 1985.

With one of the most hilarious game intro's ever (I'm sure it must have fooled some Spectrum users back in the day) to set the scene - you just knew this classic game was going to be a laugh from the beginning.

This game was a very good platformer in the vein of Technician Ted, Jet Set Willy and Fahrenheit 3000 and perhaps does not recieve the recognition it deserves.

But back in the day it did make me laugh a little...

What other game would have you playing the part of a Viking lord with plans to conquer Great Britain? What other game allowed you to impale enemies with your horned helmet?
What other game had you replenishing your energy by drinking pints of beer?

With weird and wacky sprites to contend with (including Daleks!) this game had the right blend of funnies and arcade action.

But for me the whole intro scene is one of the best ever on the ZX Spectrum...

The humour began in this classic game as soon as the game was loaded...

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  1. Hehe...I used to get caught out all the time with the Spectrum crashing effect that was in this, and many other games...It really happened so often on a 128k, that you were always half expecting games to crash anyway! :)

  2. Ha ha yeah Deadpan...

    It was a good gimmick - what other games used the 'fake crash' effect?