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Terrormolinos ZX Spectrum
Another funny game on my beloved ZX Spectrum (don't worry I'll be covering other formats, honest!) that really did make me laugh back in '86.

This classic game from Melbourne House was a text adventure based around the classic British package holiday abroad. It was released towards the end of 1985.

The aim of the game was to survive a two-week family package holiday (in the fictional resort of Terrormolinos - note the play on words in the title) with your wife Beryl and the kids Doreen and Ken.

They even got the characters names just right for a Speccy game like this.

Terrormolinos ZX Spectrum
This classic game was completed by taking ten photographs - allowing for a variety of snaps depending on when and where you chose to take them.

This is where the real character and humour of the game stood out. At the end of the game your snaps could be viewed in a slide-show style giving you reminders of your trip.

At points during the game you were bound to make a fatal mistake, and a nice snap would appear (perhaps of you being burned to a crisp by the sun) showing your error.

Even the cassette inlay had a suitably cheesy design:

A Funny Text Adventure For Your Spectrum
Terrormolinos was a funny game from beginning to end. From your house in Slough with it's tacky wallpaper, paintings and ornaments, the typical resort hotel, the nightclubs complete with dancers throwing their 'moves' and so on.

The developers paid a lot of attention to detail and got the tone, jokes and atmosphere of the game just right.

In fact, you would probably have more fun playing this text adventure than the real thing!

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